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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Smart Drinking added Augmented Reality Jack Black as its smart drinking coach

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Smart Drinking has redesigned and improved drinking experience for Millennials with AR & VR who like to drink more at home and usually binge watch Netflix. When we initiate a discussion on what millennials want, it usually cannot come to a conclusion without mentioning the evolving trends and perceptions adopted by millennials. From their choice of entertainment to their drinking habits, millennials are very conscious about following the bandwagon associated with anything they might be interested in.

Let’s talk about what millennials actually spend their time doing throughout the day. In a survey conducted back in 2016, 53% millennials said that they cannot live without their smartphones. According to Nielsen, 18-34 year olds spend around 11 hours and 26 minutes with their smartphones on a weekly basis. Moreover, 70-80% of their smartphone usage accounts for social networking, playing games, and watching videos. This is exactly what Boozee Smart Drinking has made a perfect use of in its innovative strategy.

The only reason millennials don’t want to come out of their bed and go for a drink at the nearest bar is because they feel they will lose their connection to the virtual world. And, this is what Smart Drinking is changing. Read how!

Thats why a former binge drinker and AR enthusiast Jörgen Laumets created Smart Drinking.

A new solution to your alcohol health, drinking habits and also a hangover.

Smart Drinking Pills are the one's that will send your frustrating mornings packing with most absorbency oriented and natural formula. But the actual option to wipe the hangover away completely we created an AR friend who reminds you to stay hydrated, educates you by suggesting healthier cocktails, shows you via VR what is inside the drinks you drink and how they are made and by doing that heightening the quality, taste, feel and appreciation for the drink at hand. Everything is done through playfulness, as you can play also AR drinking games and explore funny drinking toasts as we don't want to fight drinking overall but just try to reduce excess and binge drinking and improve the drinking experience overall.

So What is inside the App:

  • Tips on how to remain hydrated while enjoying your favourite alcoholic drinks.

  • Reminders to drink responsibly (like take a cab instead of driving etc.)

  • Healthier cocktail suggestions

  • Fun and sometimes crazy dares set Boozee’s Nacho Libre -Jack Black enspired character.

  • 360 degree fun and educational experiences from Jack Daniels, Absolut also different wines, whiskey, rum and beer producers.

  • AR Drinking games like Cup Flip and Beer tray balancing challenge.

Only way to get the secret app is to get Smart Drinking Pills from a retailer, a bar or ordering online. Now, Just tap your phone on the NFC activated package to start it up.

Smart Drinking Pills contain a specific mix of detoxifying minerals, it supports your immune system and provides an energy boost by raising your vitamin levels. The hangover cure is so successful because of the special research has been done for the absorbency where piperine and gut salts are added to brake down the fat soluble ingredients even more and make the momentum with piperine micro explosion for maximum absorbency. You’ll be looking forward to going back into to work the next day, just to show off your high spirits while your friends and colleagues are wallowing in their hangover pain!

In a nutshell Smart Drinking is the all-round drinking experience improving support solution in a pouch. While the supplements do their work the compannion app works by encouraging you to have a next level drinking experience, that’s full of fun and frolics brought to you via AR & VR, it also reminds you to take a short break from the alcohol with a glass or bottle of water. Gives you some fun education via VR experiences and lets you play games to pass the time.

Smart Drinking is here to make sure your night of alcoholic fun doesn’t include too much excess.

Get Smart Drinking Pills today to enjoy everything Boozee has to offer now and in the future!

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