Smart Drinking App that uses push notifications to remind you to stay hydrated, not overspend, choose healthier cocktails, do not drive while intoxicated, watch your limits etc. Whatever you might need to be reminded of to drink smarter.

You can also add your personalised notifications because you know the best what works for you.

The app is a Smart Drinking Supplements Companion App that also reminds you to take your alcohol health supplements at the right time. Before drinking, after and in the morning.


Robust reminder app for smarter, responsible & mindful alcohol experience.

We created an easy to use and effortless to set-up robust app to make it as easy as possible to make better and healthier choices when consuming alcohol. Choose from defaults or ad your own reminders.


1. Download and open the app.

2. Choose default reminders or ad your own.

3. Choose the interval time between the notifications.

4. Turn ON or OFF weekends automatic reminders.

5. Add morning next wakeup time.


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